Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre: Microscopy Core Facility

Peter Mac Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy



The Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy (CAHM) comprises 4 world-class platform technologies: histology (manual and automated platforms, laser scanning microscopy), optical microscopy (confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy and super resolution microscopy), electron microscopy (scanning EM, transmission EM, and all ancillary equipment) and image analysis (metamorph, FIJI, Imaris, Volocity). Experienced staff members provide full support to researchers utilising the facility including project consultation, education, and training.



A/Prof Sarah Ellis
Head, Microscopy Core Facility
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Lansdowne Street
East Melbourne – Victoria 3001 – Australia
Tel: +61 3 96561244
Fax: +61 3 96561411
Email:sarah.ellis @